Russian edition of the book “To learn to love Russia"

The book is for those who want to deeper understand and feel the Russia of the XXI century. Hans-Joachim Frey, famous German stage director and European cultural manager, not only offers a look from the inside at the country, which is covered with rumors and speculation, but also he helps the reader to come closer to understanding the mysterious Russian soul.

The book was published with the friendly support of Deloitte in Russia and PJSC "Unipro" in cooperation with the Foundation for Supporting the Development of Cultural Projects "Art Bridge".

The fateful meeting with Vladimir Putin in 2009 during his visit of Dresden Semper Opera Ball opened new horizons for the international cultural manager, which brought him not only to the capital of Russia, Moscow, but also to St. Petersburg as well as to numerous opera houses, orchestras and music schools in all parts of our country.


How do foreigners see us, Russians? What are our features, habits, manners that surprise them? Are they annoying? Do they admire? What would they like to learn from us? What to learn from our life?


Why are not all foreigners trying to understand us? And what do they need to do to understand the Russian soul?


This book is a wonderful example of how a foreigner set himself the goal of understanding, studying our country and us, Russians. This is a sincere story about his wonderful discoveries on our land, about amazing meetings, about beauty, about faith, about culture – about what unites all the peoples of the world. And most importantly: this book is about the Great Journey, which allowed the author sincerely, with all his heart to LOVE RUSSIA.

The first German-language edition of this book was published three years ago, on the eve of the World Cup in Russia. The book had a huge success with German and Austrian readers. In Germany, it entered the bestseller list.


And in the 21st century, Russia has not lost a single drop of its charm and attractiveness. In order the country to be open up for you, in order to learn to love it, numerous visits, friendship with cultural figures and unusual impressions are necessary. Hans-Joachim Frey looks back at an eventful past and looks into a promising future and talks about Russia, which opens up to him every time in a new way.


In the book “To learn to love Russia”, the author describes his very special way, how he fell in love with Russia. He talks about his first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in 2009 and how he came to Russia, began working here, and later came here to live.


During this time, the nephew of the famous Hollywood actor Armin Müller-Stahl became not only a connoisseur of Russian culture, but also a person who understood and accepted the “Russian soul”. In the book, he talks about all his personal meetings with famous people of Russia from the world of art, culture and politics, acquaints the reader with the fascinating history of his family, helps to imbue the traditions and values ​​of a huge country, and shares his experienced emotions.


It is a very positive and warm book. The author wants that everybody will understand how Europeans can love Russia and wants to understand the Russian soul, it is very interesting story which everybody must to read. Today it is very important for the Russian Book market.


The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has decided to give his personally warm welcome words for this book because this Book is the story which is really connected to this country. It shows that in this time you can really save wonderful relations between these two greatest nations which are for centuries very close together - Germany and Russia. This is the best example how it can really work without any propaganda and bad advertising.