The Fund "Art Bridge" was set up in 2017. Its main goals are to develop, expand and strengthen international cultural relations. Within three years after its inception, the "Art Bridge" Fund has become one of the significant Russian international cultural funds.


Culture and arts represent an international language, which has no boundaries, the creative potential of which contributes to international communication.


The Fund’s projects in the field of music, dance, literature, visual arts and theater are designed to serve mutual understanding between peoples, carry peacemaking principles, forming the basis for strengthening international relations and contributing to the achievement of economic and political agreements between countries.


The "Art Bridge" Fund supports projects from all over the world which  connect Russia with other countries, such as the International singing competition Competizione dell’Opera, the Dresden Opera Ball in St. Petersburg,  the Gala concert "Night in Bolshoi" in  the Bolshoi Theatre for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Moscow, the  Gala concert and the Federation Internacionale de L’Automobile (FIA) World Motor Sport Championship prize giving ceremony in St. Petersburg and other international projects.


The Fund is open to cooperation with different partners in implementing a variety of projects such as the concert of classical music within the  International Boxing Day, a joint project of the "Art Bridge" Fund and the  Russian Boxing Federation.

The vision of the Chairman of the Board of the Fund "Art Bridge", Mr.Hans-Joachim Frey is: "Culture unites nations". "Russia as a country with great cultural potential is ready to provide this peaceful path capable of incorporating and uniting the cultural experience of different countries." This is the aim of the "Art Bridge" Fund, and within this the Fund has implemented numerous projects in 2018, 2019 and 2020, while more projects are planned for 2021 and 2022.